A message for ACTRA Newfoundland and Labrador Members from your Branch President.

February 2022

Dear ACTRA NL Members,

I’m excited. I’m excited to step into the shoes left by the incredible presidents before me. I’m excited by the incredible year Newfoundland and Labrador had in 2021 with a record number of series, films, commercials, and opportunities for our members and the industry as a whole. I’m excited to see how that momentum will continue to build in 2022, how our membership will continue to grow, how work will continue to flourish, and how we will all continue to develop as cinema, television, and radio artists.

I also recognize the sacrifice, the diligence, and the dedication it took on the parts of absolutely everyone to be able to safely and successfully navigate the season through the pandemic, observing strict protocols and constantly have to adapt in order to ensure the health and safety of every individual involved in each and every production. I am so proud of the selflessness and care that went into prioritizing well-being. If it hadn’t been for the 100% commitment of all involved, we surely wouldn’t have seen such incredible achievements.

While provincial restrictions may be lifting, it is important to remember the pandemic is not over and that we must continue to be mindful. Know that ACTRA National and Local councils never stop working for the members, advocating for the members, and ensuring safe practices for the members.

I look forward to seeing what 2022 brings. I’m excited for all of us.

Alexis Koetting
ACTRA Newfoundland